Alta Vista

Denise Garcia Homer @ Hausmann Millworks  •  41

41g.Homer.Denise.OldFriends.201.Oil.24x36 in.
Old Friends. 2015. Oil. 24 x 36 in.

“My gift of art was always a part of my character. I attended Bellas Artes in San Luis Potosi and created art throughout my formative years. My first experience with painting large murals came to be when I designed and painted the first female high school mascot at my High School alma mater. I moved to San Antonio and graduated from UTSA with a degree in political science with a minor in fine arts in 1987. After visiting several studios on the 2015 On and Off Fred Studio Tour, my husband Mark encouraged me to return to fine arts by developing my skills in oil painting. I’d always been an artisan of some sort, “manualidades” has been a part of my nature and family history, but oil painting always eluded me until recently. I have found the beauty of chrome and the texture of rust/patina intriguing melded with my interest in automobiles and transportation. I enjoy traveling the back roads of Texas and visiting small towns for inspiration, finding unique places of our past to document through my paintings.”

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