Alta Vista

Denise Homer Pintor @ Hausmann Millworks • 32

painting • drawing • photography

Intrepid. 2016. Oil on canvas. 38 x 40 in.

Denise Pintor has had a long career in various aspects of art and interior design. Commissions have included 12 original pieces for the opening of the Sanders Corps Museum at Texas A & M and the historical decorative restoration of religious statues for the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville, Texas. Denise has always found the arts to be more of an adventure rather than just a skill. Art is always evolving with her brushstrokes or pencils.
After more than 20 years in decorative arts, she turned a new page when she toured Hausmann Millworks in 2015. Her husband Mark encouraged her fine arts skills by renting her first studio, where she began to develop skills in oils and photorealism. Whether taking pictures of vintage autos or Air-streams, vintage neon signs or buildings, her interest in chrome and patina is evident in her paintings. Her subjects have to bring a smile to the viewer. She also likes to draw people and animals.


925 W. Russell Place • 210.884.3289 • denise.gpd@gmail.comDenise Gutierrez Pintor@Facebook