Alta Vista

Hilal & Kati Hibri @ Hausmann Millworks

Cosmic Bodhi Fruit. 2014. Cast clear acrylic (UV resistant). 24 x 12 x 12 in.

“On the one hand, Cosmic Bodhi Fruit was very much inspired by geometry. We wanted to make a 3D Vesica Piscis with a hexagonal framework. We wanted to unveil the inner dimensions of the cosmic yoni/yin/feminine.

To make the seed feel alive, we gave this seed purpose. We imagined that it was the fruit of the Bodhi tree (under which the Budha is said to have gained enlightenment) and continued with this: The Cosmic Bodhi Fruit has traveled light years across space-time and has finally landed here. It emits a high energy light pattern, becoming a beacon for the invisible inter-dimensional dragons that walk among us. The dragons are attracted by the light, in fact, the Cosmic Bodhi Fruit is practically irresistible to them. They devour the fruit, swallowing the merkaba nucleus in the center whole. Then, the dragons travel to far away lands of darkness, bringing light in the form of future Bodhi trees.”

925 W. Russell Place Kati: 210.744.1408 Hilal: 210.410.2728