Alta Vista

Jennifer Crowder @ The Millworks  •  41

41d.Crowder.Jen.Snag. 2015. Digital photograph. 28 x 48 in.
Snag. 2015. Digital photograph. 28 x 48 in.

“This body of work centers on the idea of the self, in space. It deals with the space we are given, and what we do with that space, as well as the lack of space, and/or the space we have to create for ourselves—whether that be in the physical world, the emotional world or our imagination. It deals with the space outside of us, the space within us, our frame of mind, the walls we build to protect us, the boxes we are forced into, places in which to collect things, and spaces to define as our own. It deals with where we are, where we go.

The installations in this body of work deal with repetition, multiples, and many or much. Although the final product is a photograph, each set is created by hand, and the process of building each wall is where the real art and the real work take place. As a child, it was common to find me in a hand-made blanket fort, surrounded by all of my favorite things, with a book in my hand. This body of work reminds me of that child. I still love creating spaces, I still love being immersed in them, and I still don’t know which part I love more.”

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