Alta Vista

Moe Profane @ Clamp Light Studios & Gallery  •  46

Social Discourse. 2015. Mixed media on used fence pickets. 23 x 28 in.

“I am profane in that I refuse to prostrate myself before symbolic meaning. Nothing is sacred because nothing is absolute and I think that only good can come from a rational defusing of history’s sacred symbols, reflecting back a more relativistic perspective to the world. It is in this context that I discover Art’s personal, cultura and biological purpose and to justify a place for myself within its broad expanse. Vintage sign-like images on used fence pickets incorporate aspects of the quick, simple imagery of conventional pop art and ad design, but my layering technique creates universes of complex physical depth that slows the eye down.
I create ‘Relativist Pop Art Icons’ to expose the absurdity of absolutes as simplistic impossibilities to be abandoned forever, combining the ways in which we ponder our existences with the ways we distract ourselves from our inevitable demise.”

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