Alta Vista

Martin Emmanuel Rangel @ Hausmann Millworks

Mission San José. 2014. Acrylic on canvas. 40 x 40 in.

“My work straddles the concepts of representation and abstraction. Through these ideas, the canvas speaks to different people in different ways. I am fascinated by iconic people and symbols of different generations throughout the past and present and how they evoke different meanings among different people.

By weaving together different mediums such as acrylic paints and mixed media, and emphasizing intense color, along with abstraction and representation, my work is a fusion of local cultural dynamics that turn an object of the past or present into a single medium of art that can be viewed through a modern or post-modern lens, depending on where one stands within the realm of historical consciousness.

Images contained in my works include a mountain in Monterrey, Mexico, Mission San José and Frida Kahlo to name a few, in addition to spiritual and arbitrary thoughts that come across my mind. I am inspired by the works of giants such as Voka, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol; various aspects of their styles are evident in my stylistic tendencies.

Abstraction and representation, as well as my personal foundations and cultural and educational experiences, all blend in to my conscious and subconscious mind and allow me to create works of art that I hope will bring an emotion or memory from the past or present to all who view it.”

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