Alta Vista

C. Elliott Russell @ Hausmann Millworks

Concept #1. 2014. Pastel on paper. 26 x 40 in.

“I seek out the hero: displays of strength, perseverance and conviction in tough uncompromising terms. As a subject to paint, heroism is elusive to capture, as the standard it sets by itself is high, complex and idealized. This standard encourages self-evaluation and in this way the work becomes vulnerable. Beyond the visual combativeness, fundamentally personal questions come forward. My paintings offer a realistic image with an abstract twist, so the viewer can see the questions I have asked myself and direct them inward. The confrontation of each piece, be it direct or less overt, provides both stillness and energy to consider such things. Adversely, some of my paintings also explore the opposite. They consider the depths of human nature, our psychology and behavior, digging towards the reasons for the way we exist. This inspection can take a historical look at humanity, or a more contemporary focus when current states-of-being are scrutinized. These topics and the notion of the hero are discussed in concert, employed to define through contrast with one another. The pairing allows me to play with moral ambiguity, revealing the gray areas that are inherently characteristic of our human nature.”

Elliott received his BFA from Baylor University under his mentor Karl Umlauf. Since graduation, he has attended Columbia University’s Painting Intensive in NYC and MICA’s Post-Bacc Program. After moving to San Antonio, he acquired a studio at the Blue Star Arts Complex, having monthly shows for First Fridays. He now works in his studio at the Hausmann Millworks.

925 W. Russell Place 214.632.5548