Alta Vista

Tom Turner  •  46

46g.Turner.Tom.yosemite_valley_mists-screen-grab-02-1 (2)
Yosemite Mist. Screen shot of three video monitor installation.

“My work examines the importance of time to our perception of the landscape, while also considering the relationship of people to their environments. My video and photographic series, “The Color of Memory” observes the elasticity of time and color, constructing a more arbitrary relationship between the two. The rearranging of colors in multiple layered images illustrates the fracturing of our perception of color as a fixed entity and how time alters our understanding of the landscape. Misaligning the color plates performs the same function as a prism, when refracting white light into the component colors, creating colorful ghosting where movement occurs. “The Color of Memory: Sublime Gestures” primarily focuses on movement of light across the sublime landscapes of national parks. The concept of the sublime alludes to the awe or wonder instilled in the viewer when in the presence of grand aspects of nature. Sublime Gestures references this through the use of pullout points at national parks.”

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