Beacon Hill

Albert Alvarez @ Clamp Light Studios & Gallery

The Landloper. 2014. Ink on paper. 11 x 7.5 in.

“The work that I do is motivated by instinct. At the root of behavior are the base senses—hunger, thirst, the fight or flight impulse—and that leads to violence, malaise, etc. My art is the visceral conundrum of being a thinking, feeling, perceiving, conscious creature. For my core values I identify with Buddhism, but I have a westernized aesthetic canon. My technique is a fusion of influences from Ancient Chinese and Northern Renaissance masters. From the Ancient Chinese masters I take their use of undulating line work that captures the spirit of the artist’s touch, and their philosophy of embodying their subject and expressing it from inner observation rather than painting objectively. From the Western masters, Albrecht Durer in particular, his spectacular objective sense of sight and his own forging of imaginative visions into naturalistic renderings inform my work. So my work is scientific, objective, and at the same time intuitive and a spiritual landscape. With that said, the subjects I face are the ones that I feel have imminent sensations, threats, dangers, things that bring me trouble. Somehow by doing these pictures, meditating and reflecting on the turmoil and accomplishing the goal I set out to do, I win. I defeat an aspect of my hurt. Winning is everything. Like Patton said to the 3rd Army, ‘The very thought of losing is hateful to Americans.’ If you build it they will come. ‘Some day, this war is gonna end….[suddenly walks off]’ -Kilgore, Apocalypse Now.”

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