Beacon Hill

Rolando Briseño  •  35

Closed due to illness

Celestial Goddess.  2007.  Giclee print.  32 x 23.5 in. framed.
open Saturday Noon-4:30pm  and Sunday 1-5pm

“I have transformed the old European genre of still lifes into ‘tablescapes,’ with tabletops teeming with activity. These tabletops contain arrangements of disparate objects, such as body fragments, chickens, bananas, televisions, remote controls and computers. I evoke the uneasy coexistence between tradition and technology, and materials values and spiritual needs of our time. By representing the instruments of electronic communications and mass production, I signal the increasing impersonal quality of human relationships. However, by placing such forms on a table, ‘a symbol of stability, family and celebration,’ I imply the possibility for the survival of human values amid the tumult of the contemporary world.”

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