Beacon Hill

Mark Crutsinger @ Clamp Light Studios & Gallery

The Elders. 2014. Earthenware. Various sizes.

“In 2007, I touched clay for the first time at the Southwest School of Art. I was immediately drawn to the power of expression this medium affords and enrolled in the school’s Studio Artist Certificate program. Eager to learn, I was fortunate enough to begin working as an assistant in Diana Kersey’s studio as she began building her architectural ceramic business. Additionally, I took a job at San Antonio College as the Ceramic Lab Tech in order to further immerse myself in the studio environment. In 2010, I received my certificate as Studio Artist in Ceramics from Southwest School of Art and at the close of 2011, joined Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery as a Co-Director and Resident Artist.

As a visual artist, I create both functional and sculptural work, often combining the two. I focus on form and texture and often fire multiple times to create depth within a piece. I tend to limit my use of traditional glaze in an attempt to showcase the clay and its tactile nature.”

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