Beacon Hill

Emily Perkins @ Woodward Lumber • 27


Edges. 2016. Photograph. 8 x 10 in.

Born in rural Maine into a family that taught her to study questions of nature, Emily Perkins uses words and photography to examine her life and environment. Especially when she cannot find the lines to write, she immerses herself in the world as it appears through a camera lens.
Her photographs lean into woods and waterways, fields and mountains. The images rarely span an entire landscape or horizon; rather they zoom in and refer to the way a person experiences the revelry of a particular moment or place in nature. Focusing on details of the wilderness, some of her photos include reflections of clouds meeting collections of leaves floating on a stream surface, constellations of boulders nestled amongst one another, or the red glow of blueberry leaves in a northern Maine October.
Emily moved to San Antonio to trace her family heritage and get back on a horse. These are the beginning of her Texas days.

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