Beacon Hill

Maxwell Woodward @ Woodward Lumber  •  27

handcrafted furniture

Mesquite Island. 2016. Mesquite and concrete. 3 ft x 5 ft x 2 in.

Not your average wood shop…Woodward Lumber’s a true live/work space. Second story apartments are shared by hostel guests, extended stay residents, and permanent residents, while the street level shop serves as a venue for creative collaboration and community events. Established in March 2015, the space has already played host to neighborhood visioning discussions, community meetings, monthly open house art nights, live music events, holiday festivities, and countless skate sessions, and the list continues to grow.
Owner Maxwell Woodward is an artist, entrepreneur and idiot. He makes furniture out of abandoned junk, art out of discarded trash, and a living out of playing around. Thanks to a unique set of circumstances, Max and his crew are able to deliver high value, functional pieces of art by upcycling, reclaiming and reusing valuable materials that might otherwise go to waste. The common thread in his work, artistic and professional, is a commitment to beginning from the heart. Woodward Lumber is pleased to present the work of featured artist Emily Perkins.

823 Fredericksburg Road • 210.912.9826 •