Beacon Hill

Jessica Sailors @ Clamp Light Studios & Gallery

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours. 2012. Archival Inkjet Print. 44 x 36 in.

“My practice focuses on self-image, the female body, and our cultural ideals of beauty. I am fascinated by the arbitrary nature of these ideals, and the extent to which these standards permeate our individual lives. I employ several media in explorations of these ideas, including ceramics, fabric, photography and video performances. I enjoy exploring sensuality, ambiguity of form and a grotesque sense of exaggeration.

Most of my recent work centers around my attempt to make physical my own inner psychological struggles with my particular body and my perceived inadequacies in conforming to Western beauty standards. I am aware that I fit many of our cultural standards of beauty—I am thin, I am young, I am white and I am conventionally pretty. Intellectually, I recognize that I naturally conform to the narrowly defined physical standards that our culture denotes as desirable, yet I (like millions of women) struggle with body image issues. Our perceptions of body size play into our ideas of whether or not a person is healthy, beautiful, morally steadfast. I wonder: is smaller really better? I often find myself appalled at the things that women go through to attain physical perfection, yet I find myself pulling the fat and skin around by abdomen and thighs back as I gaze into the mirror in the morning, and imagine that the tautness was natural to my body, wishing I could shrink a size or two.”

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