Beacon Hill

Sara Corley Martinez @ Mantle Art Space • 29


Chaos and Gravity 01. 2016. Acrylic on Stonehenge. 30 x 22 in.

Sara Corley Martinez was born in Frederick, Maryland, in 1986. She received her MFA from the University of Cincinnati in 2011. Sara has exhibited around the U.S. with work in Baltimore, New York and Cincinnati. After a break to have a child, she is inspired to create work about this physical transformation.
Sara’s always been fascinated with the body and interested in what we see versus what goes on under the surface. She’s exploring what we can understand and what can never be understood in the pain of another’s experience. She interprets her model’s medical histories into her own visual forms to further analyze what’s going on in and out of the body.
Sara currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.



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