Beacon Hill

Sarah Lawrence @ Mantle Art Space • 29

digital art

Selfie. 2016. Vector. 10 x 10 in.

“Vectors can be a rigid medium, but that’s the thing that fascinates me. Beyond using gradient mesh to mimic light and therefore three-dimensional space, I like layering vectors like an intricate print, building depth through layer upon layer of shape.
The aesthetics of the human form, particularly in the face, interests me conceptually. The face as canvas, as an object, as a subject of desire and beauty. The female face and form has almost always been a cultural obsession, a phenomenon that I want to explore through classic iconography, symbolism combined with a sense of surrealism and contemporary imagery.”
Sarah, from East Hampton, New York, completed her BA Fine Arts at St. Lawrence University and MS Print Media at Rochester Institute of Technology. She is currently living and working in San Antonio, Texas.



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