Beacon Hill

Tatiana Plavans @ Woodward Lumber  •  33

Architectural model. 11 x 16 in.

“Architecture became my friend and part of me when I was a child. Together we were always concerned for human health and comfort at the same level as ecology and environment. My favorite tool is my heart. I use my brain a lot, but every soulful idea starts from the heart. I like to be part of the whole pleasant process of making someone’s intimate dream become true. My pattern is the nature, the flow of energy and musical rhythms. Selecting materials I try to combine their practical use and the intuitive feeling of comfort that they have had for inhabitants. It’s nice to play with essential colors, real texture and warm light, using a wide range of techniques as: grades, shades, reasonable contrasts, pure harmony, hiding some and reviling others and creating relaxed backgrounds for future spontaneous actions. I am happy to recycle, give new life to old, surprise. May your home love and protect you.”

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