Beacon Hill

The Friends of Sound • 30

vinyl record store

Thousands of 45s and LPs with an emphasis on local San Antonio
and culturally relevant music.

“The Friends of Sound serves the San Antonio community as a cultural nexus. It preserves part of its rich musical and cultural history by offering the public access to recordings made locally while providing new and interesting homegrown sounds as well as those from around the country and the world. We are known for both popular music and specialty styles (recordings) not found elsewhere in the community. We carry everything from African, Blues, Folk, Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop, and all sub-genres between. The foundation of our shop is built on the customer experience; our ultimate goal is to make people happy. Our aim is bringing visitors the same unique experience and traditions that The Friends of Sound has been providing for over a decade.
The Friends of Sound is pleased to host live alternative music throughout the two days of the tour.”



700 Fredericksburg Rd • 210.971.8044 •