Stef Cmielewski @ Gibson Studio •  13

photography • jewelry

Petals. 2016. Faceted amethyst crystal, fresh water pearls, purple glass beads
and adjustable silver plated clasp and chain. Photo by Eric Lane.

“I believe artists must be sacrificed to their art. Like bees, they must put their lives into the sting they give. Through my work as a photographer, jewelry designer, painter, ceramic artist and mixed-media artist for over ten years, I’ve come to know well the joy and sacrifice of creating art and distributing it for sale and as gifts. In addition to my personal artwork, I am also curator and owner of The Black Lotus Arts. We are currently looking for a new gallery space. My decade of experience working behind the scenes has helped me blossom as an artist, and I feel that sharing one’s gift is a vital and rewarding part of growing as an artist, and I believe very much in artists passing on their skills to others as well.
My gift is a compulsion to work with my hands to make one form into another. Call it Art. Call it Baubles. Call it what you will. I only hope my works will deliver to you a fraction of the joy I had in creating them.”



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