Laurel Gibson  •  13

ceramics • drawing • fiber art

Portal. 2016. Embroidered coffee filters. 13 x 13 in.

Homeowner Laurel Gibson sees her work as a reflection of “my mindʼs ambition to find enlightenment in an imperfect world.” She combines in-depth research of philosophies, religions, and culture to create unique works of art. In her recent exhibit at Bihl Haus Arts, “Embrodiering the Old Spanish Trail,” Laurel combined drawng and embroidery on 1920s player piano rolls to celebrate the centennial of the Old Spanish Trail, which ran along Fredericksburg Road. Laurel is also an instructor in the Bihl Haus GO! Arts program for older adults.
Laurel shares her home with featured artists Stef Cmielewski (jewelry, photography) and Rosie Zertuche (ceramics, painting), guest artist Myriam Lanau (photography, collage), and GO! Arts Goldens Eddie Bacon, Eva Rodriguez, Adela Narvez and Marina Mendoza- Fowler.



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