Patricia Padilla @ Vee’s Hair & Spa Salon  •  10

drawing • painting

Waiting for the Sun, Waiting for the Son. 2016.
Acrylic on acid free paper. 18 x 24 in.

“My paintings are done in acrylic, using a glazing technique. While they vary in theme, from loss (of love, of youth) to affectionate humor, each is a narrative or an editorial on some aspect of being human in this crazy world. I also paint in acrylic on objects that have outlived their usefulness (an empty oil drum, a broken guitar) and are reborn as art.
My graphite pieces are exclusively portraits that, I hope, in some way reflect the spirit of each subject. I attempt to depict that person in the most positive light, a kind of Photoshop-with-soul approach.
I have shown previously at the former Presa Street Café, where I had an exhibition and music performance, in last year’s On & Off Fred and, most recently, at the St Mary’s University President’s Reception art exhibition, titled ʻLet There Be Light.ʼ”


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