Centro Cultural Aztlan  •  23

community-based arts organization

Canta y No Llores by Gloria Sanchez Hart.

Centro Cultural Aztlan, a non-profit cultural arts organization founded in 1977, is dedicated to the promotion of artistic programs that preserve our local cultural heritage.
On display in the gallery during the tour is Las Mujeres de Aztlan y El Segundo de Febrero exhibition, which commemorates the Anniversary of the Signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo from a woman’s perspective. After the Mexican-American War of 1848, the signing of this treaty transferred a huge swath of land from Mexican to US control: the border crossed the Mexican, rather than the Mexican the border. Border issues persist to this day. They have taken on new urgency with the election of Donald Trump who boasts of building a wall through lands and cultures intimately and culturally connected. In this exhibition, women artists wrestle with these issues and look at women’s roles in this period. They consider how women were responsible for the survival of the family using grit and ingenuity to create a new cuisine and to preserve traditional medicinal practices. Although land was stolen from rightful owners that resulted in displacement and turmoil, with time a new and vibrant culture has emerged.



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