Patricia Golden Cody @ Deco Pizzeria  •  21


Life Blooms. 2016. Mixed media on canvas. 60 x 16 in.

After 40 years as a portrait photographer and entrepreneur here in Texas, Patricia Golden Cody embraced a new career. Going back to her first love, painting, she picked up a brush and let her inner passion flow onto canvas and any other available surface. She uses her knowledge of lighting, color, composition and visual impact to bring her visions to life. The last four years have brought her acclaim, grateful clients and many new friends in and out of the San Antonio art community. Her work has found homes in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida and all over Texas. Patricia is also a Docent and past Co-Chair of the Bihl Haus Arts Docent Committee and was also a member of the Bihl Haus Arts Board.
“I love to get up in the morning, get my cup of coffee and greet my blank canvas. I let myself be led by something that I’ve seen or maybe a feeling I’m experiencing. Several times along the way to completion of a painting I stop and think I’m done. Then I’ll turn back and add or change some element until I feel it’s right. I want my paintings to inspire people’s emotions, to bring them joy.”



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