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The Deco Pizzeria building, originally a Texaco station, was awarded a historic designation.

Deco Pizzeria is all about art – the art of good food, good service and lively atmosphere, as well as the encouragement of visual and musical arts. Local artists exhibit their works on the walls of the pizzeria, Network for Young Artists is featured on First Fridays on the patio, and local bands showcase their talents on the outdoor stage. Named for the Deco District on Fred Road, where it has found a home in the historic Texaco Station (customers have said, “Thanks for loving the building!”), the restaurant appeals to people who just like the new vibe of the old building. Deco Pizzeria was established by longtime neighborhood resident Jacob Valenzuela in 2011. He and his growing full-time staff are enthusiastic about ensuring that their vision of a welcoming, community-centered restaurant will endure. Three things are evident at the pizzeria: community, experience and culture. They are key for the Deco Pizzeria folks to achieve their dream of creating a legacy, an icon in the city. Deco Pizzeria is pleased to present the work of featured artists are Patricia Golden Cody and Robin Gara.
Deco Pizza hosts the 2nd Annual “On & Off Fred Voces Cósmicas” reading on Saturday, February 18, 1-4pm, and Sunday, February 18, noon-2pm. Featured poets include Jacinto Jesus Cardona, Edward Guadalupe Acuña Lucio Cody Jr. (organizer), Carlos Carreon, Suzanne Green, Susana Nevarez-Marquez, Victoria Garcia-Zapata, Liz Vera, Octavio Quintanilla, and Voces Cósmicas founder Fernando Esteban Flores. Artist Oscar Galvan will also demonstrate live body painting during the tour hours.


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