Domésticas Unidas • 24

domestic workers cooperative

“The mission of Domésticas Unidas is to improve the working conditions of domestic workers by increasing salaries and demanding dignified treatment in healthy communities. We all deserve to live with dignity in the company of our families. Seeing to the wellbeing of our communities without discrimination regarding sexual orientation, gender, race, nationality, religion, or immigration status guides all we do.”
Domésticas Unidas is pleased to host featured artist David Zamora Casas and visual and spoken word guest artist Laura Parra.
We invite you to the soft opening reception at our new home on Fulton Avenue during the On & Off Fred Studio Tour on Saturday afternoon. The schedule: 3:20pm Welcome/Ceremonial Bienvenida by Araceli y Irasmena; 3:30pm Asiendo Trabajo by Laura Parra; 3:45pm Rasquache, Rasquachismo, Rasqua-CHIC: Valentine to Demigod by David Zamora Casas; 4:20 música by Caña y Aníz, featuring Kiko Villamizar.


1606 Fulton Avenue • 210.468.2004 • Araceli: 210.310.6071/Irasema 956.245.2657 • •