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“Armed with not much more than the necessity to succeed, my father, Rene Olguin Hobart, left his family in Mexico and began working as a stockboy in Stillwater, MN. Through hard work and willingness to accept responsibility, he slowly advanced to become assistant treasurer and helped manage a small chain of grocery stores. My father did not have more than a high school education; however, he surpassed his co-workers, purchased a house and was able to comfortably raise his family in the U.S. On February 10, 1966, his first wife passed away. He then returned to Mexico where he met my mother, Estela Carillo. They married and eventually moved to San Antonio.

My grandfather, Raymundo Carrillo, a second generation producer of handpainted Talavera tiles and Carillo floor pavers, helped my father with the initial inventory for Reeso Tiles, Inc., which opened in 1967. After many years of hardships and the blessing of God, Reeso Tiles, Inc., is one of the largest and oldest importers of handcrafted Mexican products.

The time has come and I have humbly accepted the reigns. My family and I will always be indebted for my father’s efforts and I thank him for the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility and continue the excellence.” —Michael Olguin

Reeso Tiles is pleased to host sculptor James Hetherington.

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