Monticello Park

Norman René Ávila  •  13

What’s the Matter?  2015.  Markers, pen & pencil on manila envelope. 18.5 x 12.5 in.

San Antonio native Norman René Ávila graduated from Trinity University with a BA in Art. Norman has been active in the San Antonio art community all his adult life. He, along with Donjon Evans and George Horner, were co-founders of the San Antonio Museum of Modern Art, SAMOMA, an experimental art gallery operated as a museum. It filled a void. It lasted 3 years. It was the subject of a show SAMOMA@SAMA in March 2012. Norman is also an accomplished musician, who has played in bands and composed an electronic symphony, and he continues to produce art in various forms—photography, music, sculpture, conceptual, performance, writing (working on a novel) and visual. “Art is, in my case, autobiographical and continuous and is my life’s work and the reason I’m here.”

Norman is currently working on an exhibition of art and music of the 70s in San Antonio for Tex Pop (Texas Popular Culture), which opens in March. The project showcases the art of Jim Harter and John Rogers, both of whom passed this year, along with that of Norman and Donjon Evans.


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