Monticello Park

Edith Cuellar  •  9

fiber art

14.Cuellar.Edith.Loom. Photo by Eric Lane.
Edith’s spinning wheel and loom. Photo by Eric Lane.

Edith Cuellar began to spin and weave as a relaxing hobby that soon grew to fill her life as well as her closets and home. One fleece led to another. Soon the car moved out of the garage and the loom moved in. Today, Edith demonstrates her spinning and weaving techniques at various schools and events throughout Texas. For the past 33 years she has been a member of the Handweavers Guild and participated in various weaving classes at the Southwest School of Art. She has also taught continuing education classes at MacArthur High School. Besides spinning wool, cotton and mohair, Edith has moved on to work with exotic fibers like silk, bamboo, tencel, buffalo, and dog and cat hair. The satisfaction she receives from this passion is truly rewarding and it brings joy and fulfillment when shared with others.


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