Monticello Park

David Guerrero  •  7

painting • sculpture

El Santuario/Chimayo #2. 2016. Mixed media. 20 x 56 in.

“I create my work as a means of expression and commitment to the environment. I envision natural surroundings and present them in a surreal context. For me, watercolor lends itself to added details, alongside my airbrushed skies. My sculptures are another means of creative outlet to support repurposing of found objects. I truly enjoy the hunt and final product that culminates in objects that bring pleasure to the public.”
David Guerrero and wife María are pleased to share their home studio and gaerden gallery with guest artists Claudia Langford (210.381.6469,,), Mark Langford (210.381.6193, and Barbara Garstecki (210.213.6017,,


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