Monticello Park

Mike Owen  •  8

kinetic sculpture

Catching a Wave. 2016. Old deadfall cedar, redwood, black pipe
and oyster shells. 24 x 36 x 12 in.

“Growing up seeing my Dad’s technical drawings that accompanied his patent applications planted a seed of inspiration that was nurtured by numerous interesting building projects and many years of teaching high school physics. Naturally, I gained a keen appreciation for kinetic sculpture that has grown into producing a peculiar and pleasing industrial blend of color, unique mostly antique objects, and motion.
My ‘machines’ will mesmerize and intrigue you! I am particularly interested in pendulum wave motion. Independent tethered pendulum bobs dance in space, seemingly in tune with each other. With a remarkable variety of isonchronal forms, each sculpture offers a stunning, ever-changing choreography of coordinated motion. Most rewarding for me is hearing the audible sounds of awe and wonder as folks witness the ‘simple complexity’ of the dance. My sincere hope is that my ‘machines’ will move YOU! I eagerly await your visit!!”
Mike Owen and wife Vickie are pleased to host guest artist Jennifer Hickman of Storied Art (719.659.5344) in their garden gallery.



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