Monticello Park

Vickie Owen  •  8

textile art

The Cross. 2014. Textile art set in an antique brass and copper frame. 19 x 23 in.

“I love quilts. Old, new, yours or mine.
Both my grandmothers were quilters and instilled in me a love for handwork. Sadly, I do not have any of my grandmothers’ quilts, though I share their passion for creating beautiful, functional, artistic, and spectacular quilts!
Each quilt offers significance relative to design, texture or color. Some are more personal, with definite links to my grandmothers’ influence and the traditional elements they used. Other quilts grow from the glorious color and texture in today’s contemporary world. Still other pieces evolve from an intuitive desire to create or transform images.
While the art of quilting – a textile art – has been around for many years, the wide variety of my quilts is unique in that I do not limit myself to a particular format or structure. Rather, I pursue the art itself. I choose to honor the integrity of the traditional art form, yet I am stirred to fuse tradition with innovation.
I love quilts! Old, new, yours or mine!”
Vickie Owen and husband Mike are pleased to host guest artist Jennifer Hickman of Storied Art (719.659.5344) in their garden gallery



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