Monticello Park

Pearl Sanchez  •  2

women story paintings • embellished furniture

Girl Friends. 2016. Acrylic on wood. 7.75 x 28.5 in.

Story Paintings. Putting words into color by creating a visual color dialog in your own language. What you feel. What you see. What you hear. It’s not just the facts but all the in-between stuff. Sometimes the story isn’t finished. Sometimes it’s as far as you’ve gone. Sometimes the story is between another, or it’s over, and even you are surprised.
Pearl shares her home studio with Rebecca Cueva (terrariums, fiesta paper art; 210.385.2153) and Gina Pellegrino (paper products, cigar boxes, painted wood objects, aprons; 210.459.5905).


Primrose @ Monticello Park Senior Apartments
2803 Fredericksburg Road, #6112 • 210.665.4757 •