Monticello Park

Theresa Northway  •  15

Unloved Parts. 2014. Ceramic. 16 x 8 x 6 in.

“Having grown up in the aviation capital of the world near Wichita, KS, my work has been inspired by the industrial object as well as the beauty of the prairie and the effects of wind and erosion. I have always been fascinated by the means and mechanics of motion, of propelling my own body through space…through water or wind.

Movement through a specific environment leaves its trace both on the object and its environment. Propulsion and resistance; awkwardness and grace; pity vs. compassion; the duality of humor within something curiously beautiful, are all ideas that I consider and that have been a constant source of inspiration for my work.

Marks and gestures delineate a path, or show evidence of use, sometimes revealing degeneration and layers of history. However, the object remains still, with quiet anticipation of purpose.”


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