Woodlawn Lake

Rachael Marie Bower

Dream Garden. 2014. Acrylic in canvas. 24 x 24 in.

“I’ve searched, over time and countless miles, for the familiar feeling of home. My art is about the journey to find this place and all the term suggests (love, memory, domesticity, stability). I am greatly influenced by my surroundings and my color palette is saturated, a result of hot weather and a blooming garden. Local plants and birds appear in my compositions, symbols of this south Texas home. Birds also represent the duality of adventure and stability as they both migrate and nest. Trained as a printmaker, repetition is central to my creative process; patterns appear in both technique and subject matter as I paint. I rely strongly on memory of special places, using wallpaper patterns and objects such as furniture and picket fences to make the space seem familiar and elicit nostalgia. These narratives combine my past and present search for home and adventure through the relatable construct of visual storytelling.”

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