Woodlawn Lake

Dale Jenssen @ Jenssen Gallery •  17


Twisting the Night Away. 2016. Copper and mixed media. 24 x 6 x 8 in.

“I specialize in custom and limited-edition light sconces in copper, brass, powder-coated steel, and, on occasion, re-purposed materials. I also design and fabricate chandeliers; floor and hanging lamps; folding screens; tables, mirrors and picture frames; punched metal door and cabinet panels; and sculpture.
I enjoy designing in any architectural style – contemporary, retro, arts & crafts, southwestern, or my own quirky amalgam of them all. I usually work alone, meticulously crafting each piece start-to-finish, using a variety of techniques and materials. On big projects, or when a job requires large-scale metal fabrication, I use trusted sub-contractors in order to see that the job is done efficiently and on time.ˮ
Dale hosts featured artist Thelma Muraida and guest artists Michelle Belto (210.393.9768, michelle@michellebelto.com), Lesta Frank (210.316.3687, lestafrank@gmail.com) and Linda Rael (210.852.4008, lrael@satx.rr.com) in her storefront gallery and studio. Michelle Belto will demonstrate encaustic printing technique, and visitors are invited to make a free wax/paper encaustic monotype at 2 pm on Sunday, February 18.



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