Woodlawn Lake

Amy Jones @ Kelley Studios

soft sculpture

Untitled. 2017. Mixed media. 75 x 26 x 18 in.

Amy Jones is an artist with an unusual vision for animals in our world. Whether they are made tiny with adorable expressions or produced on a grand size with a variety of patterns, her artwork reflects the respect and dignity of their wild selves. The artist works with a variety of fabrics, regardless of their origin, sometimes inventing her own to fit the artwork.
Amy’s has worked as an art teacher in public and private institutions for nearly 20 years, and has been creating art, mostly in fabrics, and drawing her entire life. She resides in the Beacon Hill area, where she and her family have lived since moving to Texas in 1998.


2519 W. French Place • 210.542.7736 • amydame1461@aol.comamydame.weebly.com