Woodlawn Lake

Cody Vance  •  21

21a.Vance_Density Wave Theory_Alabaster (2) - Copy
Wave Theory.  2105. Alabaster.  15 x 9 in.

“Once upon a time I created art in an organized, clean, comfortable studio office as an award winning Department of Defense military graphic artist and illustrator. Sometime along the line I discovered this lovely insanity called stone sculpting. Now I create in a dusty, hot, cold or wet (depending on the weather) outdoor studio space and absolutely adore it. I currently have the honor of being a member of the Air Force Art Program, Texas Sculpture Group and Texas Sculpture Association. Results of my dusty, hot, cold or wet fun can be seen on my website.”

Also exhibiting at Cody’s home studio Cody’s daughter Kyla Vance, featured painter Russell Stephenson and painter Charles Ingram.


1606 W. Woodlawn Avenue • 210.723.4875 • cody.vance@att.netcodyvancesculpture.com